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'Kraak' Porcelain Platter With Qilin Design青花麒麟紋大瓷盤
'<em>Kraak</em>' Porcelain Platter With <em>Qilin</em> Design<br>青花麒麟紋大瓷盤
Set Of Jade Belt Plaques<br>鏤雕 玉人獅子紋带牌匾

Chinese Works of Art

Korean Gilt-Bronze Dragon-Head Finial  <br>韓國鍍金銅龍首頂飾

Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese Works of Art

Ye Kuang [Yeh K’uang] 葉廣<br>(paintings Dated 1597-1621)

Chinese Painting & Calligraphy

Huang Zhongfang (Harold Wong) 黄仲方<br>(b. 1943)

Contemporary Chinese Painting & Calligraphy

Tani Buncho 谷文晁 (1763-1840)

Japanese and Korean Painting

'Kraak' Porcelain Platter With Qilin Design青花麒麟紋大瓷盤Set Of Jade Belt Plaques鏤雕 玉人獅子紋带牌匾Korean Gilt-Bronze Dragon-Head Finial  韓國鍍金銅龍首頂飾Ye Kuang [Yeh K’uang] 葉廣(paintings Dated 1597-1621)Huang Zhongfang (Harold Wong) 黄仲方(b. 1943)Tani Buncho 谷文晁 (1763-1840)

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