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We’ve designed this autumn exhibition in a manner quite different from exhibitions past, inspired by the timing of the show which corresponds to the beginning of the school year, higher in importance in some people’s minds than others, but a reality that most of us can relate to on one level or another. The exhibition, entitled “A to Z,” is a multi-media show organized in a linear fashion alphabetically, each letter standing for a painting or work of art, pre-modern or contemporary, originating in China, Japan or Vietnam, and created on silk, paper, or lacquer or from more hardy materials such as ceramic or bronze.

Catalogues and website shows produced by Kaikodo have traditionally grouped Chinese paintings together followed by Japanese along with Korean, each then in chronological order, with the works of art also organized by country of origin and then chronologically, making it relatively easy to navigate and zero in on specific areas. This exhibition, on the other hand, challenges the viewer to look more comprehensively to discover what is in the show by proceeding through an eccentric arrangement of various works, one by one. It is possible that an interest will be sparked in an area that was previously outside of one’s main focus and comfort zone. This exhibition is dedicated to the diverse interests of Kaikodo’s clientele and is intended as an exercise for the mind and eyes to start the school year right!

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