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<em>. . . is for Anonymous</em>

. . . is for Anonymous

Anonymous (13th century), Chinese
“Five Geese by Reeds”

Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk
140 x 73.5 cm. (55 x 29 in.)

Published under the name Sheng Mou in Shina Kacho Gasatsu (Kyoto: Benrido, 1926), pl. 37.

<em>… is for Buddhist</em>

… is for Buddhist

White Marble Buddhist Votive Stele

Height: 37.6 cm. (14 7/8 in.)

Western Wei dynasty
Dated by inscription to 537 A.D.

Recent provenance: Japan

<em>… is for Celadon</em>

… is for Celadon

Celadon Yue Spirit Jar Hunping

Height: 42.2 cm. (16 1/2 in.)
Diameter: 28 cm. (11 in.)

Late Western Jin dynasty
Early 4th century A.D.

Recent provenance: a Japanese collection

<em>… is for Dai</em>

… is for Dai

Dai Li (paintings dated 1735-1753)
“Flowers” 1753

Album of 8 leaves, ink and color on paper
21 x 27 cm. (8 1/4 x 10 5/8 in.)

Artist’s seals:
Shouzhou; Shiping; Liyin; Dai Li; Caolu; Dai; Li; Yifeng daoren; Shiping; Xiaodi tanqing

Collectors’ seals:
Wenxin shending: Mengquan shuwu shoucang jinshi shuhua zhizhang; Jingmen wangshi shoucan zhizhang

Suzuki Kei, ed.: Comprehensive Illustrated Catalogue of Chinese Paintings (Tokyo, 1983), vol. 4, pp. 198-199, no. JP7-064.

(See inscriptions below)

<em>… is for Enjoying</em>

… is for Enjoying

Gumei (early 17th century)
“Mazu and Friends Enjoying the Moon”

Hanging scroll, ink on paper
114.1 x 47.3 cm. (45 x 18 5/8 in.)

Artist’s seal: Gumei

Box inscription:
“Painting of Patriarch Ma enjoying the moon, given to the Zen master Daiden Butcho, in the 87th generation of Daitokuji, the monk Kyoshi Shuban; painted by Gumei. Recorded and owned by Torifuji Koji.”

Published: Kawai Masatomo: Yusho/Togan, Nihon Bijutsu Kaiga Zenshu, vol. 11, (Tokyo, 1978), pl. 22, p. 110.

(See colophon below)

<em>… is for Foreigner</em>

… is for Foreigner

Earthenware Camel with Foreign Rider

Height: 28.5 cm. (11 1/4 in.)
Length: 22.8 cm. (9 in.)

Northern Wei dynasty
2nd quarter 6th century A.D.

<em>… is for Gessho</em>

… is for Gessho

Cho Gessho (1772-1832)
“Viewing Waterfalls from Pavilion”

Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk
33 x 55.2 cm. (12 1/8 x 21 1/2 in.)


Artist’s seal:

“Grass and thatch bar both sun and moon,
Sleeping and eating differ from Heaven and Earth;
Massed trees number more than a thousand,
Cascading springs diffuse in many paths.”

Signature, illegible, and two seals of the writer.

… Is For Henan

… is for Henan

Henan Temmoku Jar with Rust-Colored Decor

Jin dynasty
Late 12th-early 13 century

Height: 22.0 cm. (8 3/4 in.)
Width: 28.5 cm. (11 1/4 in.)

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