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Zhu Zhanji [Chu Chan-ji] 朱瞻基

“Hawk on Branch” 1427

Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk.
115.8 x 59.9 cm. (45 1/2 x 23 1/2 in

“Hawks flocking together in lofty groves have unyielding characters. Formerly they were compared to the virtuous in cities…. when at leisure from the ten-thousand affairs of state, I then call for (brush and ink) from the study and paint so as to banish my cares and give lodging to my feelings of loneliness.

Created by the Emperor during the first ten days of the 8th lunar month in Autumn, of the 2nd year of the Xuan….x…….. reign-era and presented to Eunuch Wang Zhong.”

Artist’s seal:
Youshu (“Written by the Emperor”)


(For more information, download the PDF located below the “detail” images.)

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