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Zhu Xuan [Chu Hsuan] (1620-1695?) 朱軒

“Landscape” 1682 山水

Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk
85.0 x 30.4 cm. (33 1/2 x 12 in.)

“The flavors of the world become insipid with age,
closing my door I enjoy living alone;
Totally at leisure even the monks envy me,
because of my many additions friends often keep a distance.
With dew from bamboo I comb my hair indifferently,
smoke from preparing tea awakens me from a dream;
With poetry in my heart and inspired by wine,
what can I do but splash ink again?

During the tenth lunar month of the year 1682, painted and inscribed by Zhu Xuan.”

Artist’s seals:
Zhu Xuan; Xuetian (“Snowy Field”)

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