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Zhu Lunhan [Chu Lun-han] 朱論瀚
(1680-1760), attributed


Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper
146.2 x 68.1 cm. (57 1/2 x 26 7/8 in.)

Colophon by Xie Guansheng (late 18th-early 19th century):
“In this finger painting by master Hanzhai (Zhu Lunhan) he trusted his hand and daubed ink for the coarse robe and unkempt hair, creating an image that is surpassingly fine. The eye-brows and eyes are not accurate and the mouth and nose run together, making him appear like Momu (fourth wife of Emperor Huang who was ugly but very clever). However, the spirit and forms have a very distinct flavor, but his reasons are difficult to explain. In this painting by the master, dark and light are clear and extraordinary and are especially superb, and the flavor of the spirit goes beyond the fingers and ink, and thus it is a true image.
During the sixth lunar month, summer of the year 1810, Xie Guansheng from Nanhai got this on a boat in Piling.” Xie Shi shu-hua zang yin (“Collection seal of Master Xie for calligraphies and paintings”)

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