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Zhu Daoping (b. 1949) 朱道平

“Waterfalls Echoing through Pine Winds”

Ink and color on paper, framed
65.0 x 131.0 cm. (25 5/8 x 51 5/8 in.)

Inscription: “’Waterfalls Echoing through Pine Winds’ by Daoping at Jinling (Nanjing).”

Artist’s seal: Daoping

Zhu Daoping, born in 1949 in Huanyan, Zhejiang province, is a graduate of the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts and served as Director of the Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Academy and Deputy Director of the Art Association of Jiangsu province. The local Nanjing environs were crucial in Zhu’s artistic vision, providing soul for his innovative painting techniques–the use of dots and lines, ink and subtle colors to magically construct images that waver between illustration and abstraction. As an artist Zhu occupies a pinnacle in that segment of contemporary Chinese painting where metamorphosis is achieved within the parameters of the great literati tradition. Zhu has received many prestigious awards, receiving great acclaim among his peers and collectors worldwide, as well as immense success in the market place.

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