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Zhu Angzhi (Chu Ang-chih) 朱昂之
(1764-1842 or later)

“Enjoying One’s Will”

Handscroll, ink and color on paper
26.8 x 135.0 cm. (10 1/2 x 53 1/8 in.)

“The Retired Scholar Xingyan wrote out the ‘Essay on Enjoying One’s Will’ for Master Lingbo
and asked Angzhi to add a picture.”

Artist’s seal:

1) By Meng Yaoding writing the Lezhi lun, “Essay on Enjoying One’s Will,” composed by
Tong Zhongchang (179-219).

2) By Zhu Angzhi: “I painted this more than thirty years ago. In one are untrammeled men
such this as essay appear in the ‘Essay (on Enjoying One’s Will),’ several gentlemen discussing the meaning of this essay on the Dao. However, the three masters Fumei, Lingbo, and Xinxian have now returned to the Way of the Mountains, and it is them I recall with sadness. Seen again and recorded during the year 1836 of the Daoguang reign-era by Angzhi.” Seal: Angzhi.


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