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You Jin [Yu Chin] (later 19th century)


山水 冊

Album of 10 leaves, ink and color on paper
Each 28.2 x 25.8 cm. (11 1/8 x 10 1/8 in.)

Artist’s seals:
Jin yin; Shangqiong (“Honoring Simplicity”)

Collectors’ seals:
Zhang Chongyi; Lianfeng

(Leaf 3 shown on left: entire album shown below)


1) “Gazing through the jade trees
the connecting river bank appears;
in the depths of colored clouds
are the palaces of the immortals.
You Jin.”

2) “Hints of plum-blossom fragrance
distance the riverside town;
Sounds from the lute and pine-scented breezes
fill the stone bed.
You Jin.”

3) “It is all right to be ill in bed in a floating world,
How can I bear my white hair shining in a sad autumn.
Books beside my pillow are bright under the blue lantern,
Raindrops fall silently, insects chirp melancholy.
After Li Shida. You Jin”

4) “To a deserted hill on the yellow island
I carried this container;
With fair clouds over cinnabar steps,
I gaze on the Great Road (of the future).
You Jin.”

5) “In space sufficient for the events of three autumns,
the wind examines grasses of the seventh month.

6) “The whole like jade-green glass,
solidified and not flowing;
Rippling waves begin to show white,
moonlight fills the tower.
A song from the pipes suddenly enters
and the west wind comes up;
For people who dwell in the boundless cold,
in the palaces it is autumn.

7) “The autumn river is pure green. Jin.”

8) “Outside the city walls it rained this morning;
heavy drizzle falls on ten thousand houses;
Who knows if within the misty trees
several flower branches have been lost.
You Jin.”

9) “Arriving here the bells and chimes are silent,
we sit for long, forgetting who is guest or host;
In valley deep all has an autumnal air,
among the grove’s branches the sun has half set.

10) “One part of my heart
is not connected to the world of men;
Drums and clappers lead over the misty waves,
as I cast off my own tracks.

all leaves

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