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Xiao Yuncong [Hsiao Yun-ts’ung] (1596-1673)

山水 冊

Album of 8 leaves, ink and color on paper
Each 26.3 x 25.4 cm. (8 3/8 x 10 in.)

Artist’s seal:

Collectors’ seals:
Xiao Heian yin; Wanxiangtang zhi;
Cuowu fanbin

(Leaf 7 shown on left: entire album shown below)


1) “In the shade of pines the lane is narrow, small in the twilight,
smoke from the tea has disappeared, the crane has not yet returned;
Knowing my back gate has no young keeper,
a wind came and by itself closed the brushwood door.
Yuncong, the Old Man of Mount Zhong.”

2) “Falling branches by frozen springs sound through a myriad valleys,
clouds and mist are widely scattered by the immortal of white ice;
The nourishing flavor of pine tea prolongs life a thousand years,
a lute speaks of another time, reminding me of my youth.
Yuncong, called Zhimu.”

3) “Not having met the recluse I returned home alone,
wishing to watch the setting sun while standing by the fishing boats;
Across the river in a distant place clouds and mist disperse,
blocking the willow grove and several mountain ranges.
Wumen daoren (‘The Daoist without Sorrow’).”

4) “Moonlight enters the small garden, more serene than water,
a man sits in the empty study, stoic as a monk;
Wishing to enjoy the evening coolness, the window is unclosed,
autumn insects fly above the lantern for reading books.
Wumen daoren (‘The Daoist without Sorrow’).”

5) “Seeking lonely solitude I visited a mountain village,
thatched houses were not many on the water embankment;
At mid-day I knocked on doors but saw no one,
on the river soft rain fell and moistened the pine flowers.
Xiao Yuncong.”

6) “Water falls on sand___,
sounds of whirling wind are heard beyond the valley;
The traveller’s heart is dispirited but he doesn’t dream of home,
rising in the night at the canopied window he watches the moon rise.
Xiao Yuncong.”

7) “Who plays the flute while leaning on the pavilion railing?
In the empty pavilion the moonlight approaches Mid-Autumn;
Cool winds blow through the shadows of two cypress,
one also listens to the sound of bells and the flow of water in streams.
Xiao Yuncong.”

8) “Along the river wintry trees are the same near or far,
a pavilion with panoramic view is isolated from the mountains;
Autumn follows the yellow leaves and among them some are withered,
again facing the blue mountains I lack a further destination.
Wumen daoren (‘The Daoist without Sorrow’).”

all leaves

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