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Wu Xizai (1799-1870)
吳熙載    清末朝

“Wisteria” & “Rose”

Two album leaves, ink and color on paper
18.0 x 49.6 cm. (7 x 19 1/2 in.)

Wisteria: “For the smiling corrections of Master Budong, Xizai.”

Rose: “Wu Xizai, called Rangzhi.”

Artist’s seal on each:
Wu Xizai

“Among Master Wu’s paintings these two leaves are superb and should be treasured. After Rangzhi (Wu Xizai), only Liang Gongyue (Liang Yan, b. 1864) in our district did flower paintings with a scholarly air. Today there is no one like Gongyue, and how much more is this true of Rangzhi?”
By Chen Yanhua (zhuren 1902) in 1932

James Cahill,, Go Shoseki Sai Hakuseki (Wu Ch’ang-shih Ch’i Pai-shih), Bunjinga Suihen, vol. 10, Tokyo, 1977, pl. 99.

Recent provenance:
James Cahill, Berkeley


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