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Wang Zhongjie [Wang Chung-chieh]
(ca. 1605-1667 or later) 王崇節
Wang Wu (1632-1690) 王武

Portrait of Wang Jian (1598-1677) 王鑑像圖

Handscroll, ink & color on paper
43.3 x 174.0 cm. (18 1/4 x 68 1/2 in.)

“During the fifth lunar month, summer of the year
1657 of the Shunzhi reign-era, I painted this portrait
of the sixty-year-old Master of the Ranxiang Hut
(Wang Jian), Wang Chongjie, called Yunlu.” Seal:
Chongjie zhiyin
“During the sixth lunar month, summer of the year
1657, Wang Wu from Wuyue provided a landscape
background for a portrait of his excellency Xiangbi
(Wang Jian) of the previous generation.” Seal: Wang
Wu xhiyin

“Coming on (this portrait) on the wall of the Qingning Pavilion,
I inscribed a poem,
Filling the space per my instructions,
separated from the painting by some distance; What is captured is subtle purity,
a scene of whiling away the summer;
Fortuitously this portrait from yesterday (was done) just when I came by.

Inscribed on this portrait for presentation to the Master of the Ranxiang Hut by Wu Weiye (1609-
1671), called Meicun.” Seal: Wu Weiye yin

“Among paintings of luminaries enjoying themselves, collaborative works are seldom seen. I now have obtained this portrait of Master Wang Yuanzhao (Wang Jian) that was painted by the Wang Chongjie, called Yunlu, the painting master, and subsequently the painting master Wang Wang’an (Wang Wu) added the landscape. The collaboration of these two masters is radiant with strength and vigor and this can be praised as paired supremacies. There is also a poem inscribed by the poet Wu Meicun (Wu Weiye) and this too is very difficult to come by. I am so pleased that I prepared some of my chahe shanzhong ink in a niaoyun inkstone and record this at the Duhua Meditation Hut at the Myriad Springs Mountain Villa on Jie’er Gu (Tianjin). During Spring of the year 1821 old man Liu Zu wrote this with his left hand at the age of seventy-six, with trembling hands and blurry eyes.” Seal: Yijie shusheng and one other.

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