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Wang Luo [Wang Lo] (paintings dated 1699-1717)

“Landscape after Chen Ruyan”

Hanging scroll, ink on paper
81.0 x 43.0 cm. (32 x 17 in.)

“The landscapes of Chen Qiushui (Chen Ruyan) combine untrammeled purity with elegant harmony, and he was very nearly the sole artist from then till now. Huang Zijiu (Huang Gongwang) during his entire lifetime was not willing to lightly write a single poem, but when one looks at Qiushui’s paintings, he wrote poetic inscriptions without tiring. The willingness of his heart to respond (to such requests) could not be increased. In this scroll I spontaneously used him as a model, and if Yifeng laoren (Huang Gongwang) could see it, he would certainly say the dots and washes were from Qiushui. Chamo shanqiao, Wang Luo.”

Artist’s seals:
Wang Gengnan; Yizi meiqiao; Chenghuai tonglang yue

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