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Wang Dazhong [Wang Ta-chung] (16th-17th century)

“Landscape with Figures”

Handscroll, ink and color on paper
35.6 x 106.5 cm. (14 x 42 in.)

Sixteen poems, variously signed “Changzhou Shishu” (“Exercising Art in Changzhou”); Haiyue
(Sea-mountain”): and Bishan (“Green Mountain”).

Artist’s seals:
Zijia yisi (“My Own Thoughts”); Qingbai sengjia (“Blue-green and White Monk’s Quarters”);
Haiyue Wang Dazhong yin (“Seal of Wang Dazhong called Haiyue”); Bishan (“Green Mountain”);
Qingsong baihe (“Green Pines and White Crane”); Wang Dazhong yin (“Seal Wang Dazhong”);
Fengchi Chunyou (“Spring Rain on Phoenix Pond”)

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