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Tang Yifen [T’ang I-fen] (1778-1853)

Landscape of Solitude 1832 山水圖

Hanging scroll, ink & color on paper
105.0 x 28.0 cm. (41 3/8 x 11 in.)

“The crane’s path is lost in snowy trees,
Su’s stele is hidden by tangled vines;
One doesn’t meet the hermit of the groves,
but rather greets the old plum blossoms.

Last night I plucked the lute three times,
and in solitude drew a single river bank;
How to know if the poetic conception was good?
Today I came to your house.

In the ninth lunar month of the year 1832, submitted for the judgement of third elder brother, Master Kangfu, by Tang Yifen.”

Artist’s seal:
Yousheng shihua (“Poetry and Painting by Yousheng”)

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