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Sun Yueh-pan (1639-1708) 孫岳頒

‘Poem by Hsieh Fang-te written in Running-script

Hanging scroll, ink on satin
163 x 49.4 cm. (64 1/4 x 17 3/4 in.)

‘In snow the pines and cedars are even more green, planted thus the common principles are here enacted;
On earth for long there has been no gift of worthy purity, among men how could only Po-i be pure?
With lofty morality one realizes that life is worthy of giving up,
only when propriety is valued does one realize that death is unimportant; In the south the eight male sons in the end will not appear, the eyes of the Yellow Emperor of heaven will distinguish them clearly.
Sun Yueh-pan.

Artist’s seals:
Sun-shih Shu-feng; _ _ ta-ssu-ch’eng chih-chang (?)

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