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Shen Zongjing [Shen Tsung-ching] (1658-1725) 沈宗敬

Landscapes 1697 山水圖

Album of 8 leaves, ink on paper
Each 20.8 x 48.0 cm. (8 1/4 x 18 7/8 in.)

Collector’s seals:
Nan Li shi; Tuchuang jianding

Label and box inscription by Murata Kokoku (1831-1912)

1) “Mist and Water Spread Widely.”
Seals: Huating shui shen; Yuqiao qingwan
2) “Sitting Alone Watching a Waterfall.”
Seals: Woxu shanran; Yuqiao qingwan
3) “Pure Conversation in Thatched Study..”
Seals: Zongjing; Keting; Yuqiao qingwan
4) “Dusk in Autumn Gove.”
Seals: Woxu; Hong; Yuqiao
5) “Cloudy Hills are Obscure and Indistinct.”
Seals: Zongjing; Hong
6) “Boat Returning in Wind and Rain.”
Seals: Shifeng jushi Hong; Yuqiao
7) “Water-pavilion Leaning towards the Void.”
Seals: Xianshi; Yuqiao; Jile
8) “Old Trees by Cold Cliff.” “During an
Intercalary month in the year 1697, I
followed the brush manner of Yuan
masters and ask Master Su for his pure
judgment. Your later student from
Huating, Shen Zongjing.”
Seal: Zongjing


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