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Shen Feng (1686-1756) 沈鳳

“Landscape after Wang Meng” 1727

Hanging scroll, ink on paper
142.0 x 62.0 cm. (56 x 24 3/4 in.)

“I have seen more than twenty paintings by the Woodcutter of Yellow Crane Mountain (Wang Meng). Among them we must regard the ‘Spring Dawn at Dantai’ in the collection of Wang Fengchang (Wang Shimin) and ‘Dwelling in the Mountains on a Summer Day’ in the collection of Tang Xiaolian as the best. Those who exhaust one year in investigating them to the very end, all of its aspects in great detail, will then be known as experienced and marvelous hands, for common artists are unable to penetrate his profundities.

Shen Feng from Dengquan, two days after the first of the eighth lunar month, autumn of the year 1727.”

Artist’s seals:
Fanmin; Feng

Collector’s seal: Monan jingjianquan pingsheng xinshang

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