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Shao Mi 邵彌

“Landscape for Guyin” 1627

Hanging scroll, ink on paper
134.6 x 29.2 cm. (53 x 11 1/2 in.)

“I had not seen the transcendent master for a long time,
invited to seek him out my emotions were fixed and partial;
A blue waterfall pierces a slender rock,
old trees are covered with the remains of clouds.
In brewing tea red leaves are burned,
carrying a lute we sit on green mats;
By chance arriving beyond the dusty world,
facing you my thoughts float lightly,

During the tenth lunar month of the year 1627, I travelled again to Goulou Jing to visit the Daoist priest Guyin and did this (painting). Shao Gao, the old man Guazhou.” Guazhou

Artist’s seal:
Shao Mi zhi yin

“By winding stream the pine-tree shadows are straight,
green water flows beside the water pavilion;
A slanting bank is suitable for sitting side by side,
inviting a companion we search together for a cloudy place.
Without thinking strong conversation begins,
as though to startle those on the four sides of the hall;
Guazhou (Shao Mi) left this beautifully brushed painting,
which inspires me greatly.

At the end of the year 1800 during the Jiaqing reign-era, Wei Zhengqi, called Shiru.”

Seals: three, illegible

Collectors’ seals:
Muchai; Jingwan; Guanghan jingwan; Pan Jianhan micang cuixin chenji yin; Pan Yanling; Qi’an; Qi’an duguo

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