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Qiu Yue [Ch’iu Yueh] (active mid-17th century)

“Landscapes in Old Styles” 1651

Album of 12 leaves, ink, ink and color on silk
Each 21.0 x 16.8 cm. (8 1/4 x 6 5/8 in.)

Artist’s seals:
Yue; -Xinzhi; Qiu Yue zhiyin; Zi Qinggu

Xu Duo (three leaves)

Twelve 17th-century colophons by seven calligraphers, each colophon dated.

Collectors’ seals:
Ceng Duyuan jia, and two others

1. “In emulation of Huang Gongwang.”
2. “In emulation of Wang Meng.”
3. “In emulation of Gao Kegong.”
4. “In emulation of Juran.”
5. “In emulation of Song Ke.”
6. “In emulation of Wang Meng.”
7. “In emulation of Zhao Mengfu.”
8. “In emulation of Wu Zhen.”
9. “In emulation of Li Tang.”
10. “In emulation of Fang Congyi.”
11. “In emulation of Chen Ruyan.”
12. “In emulation of Li Cheng.”
13-14. “I once examined thoroughly those areas in ancient paintings not managed in accord with the conception, thinking them a function of the movement of the wrist (so that) when seizing the brush it became one of the areas in paintings by the ancients that were not managed in accord with the conception. But there are not two standards, and the areas in paintings of the ancients that were not managed in accord with the conception were exactly the areas managed in accord with the conception. I could not attain the managing of conceptions within the not managing of conceptions, so whenever I was stopped by irresolution for several days, I was unable to personally understand it. And if I do get something, I fear that it is merely the dregs of the wine, what those who know the ancients would ridicule. Thus do I take care with composition, widely accumulating images so as to assist my conceptions.

Today, in doing this album, I did not dare to change in the slightest the ancient models, and the meaning of managing the conception and of not managing the conception, allowing my wrist to suddenly lose (control) and without thought, complete what is before my eyes. If what people see is pleasing, it will teach me.

During the second day after Qingming of the year 1651, the Recluse of Green Valley, Qiu Yue, recorded this at the Jingyi Caotang (‘Grass-roofed Hall of Quiet Harmony’).”


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