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Qiu Mai (Michael Cherney) (b. 1969)

“Isolated Shadows #3”

Photograph, ink on xuan paper
Mounted as a hanging scroll
35.5 X 59.8 cm. (9 1/4 X 23 1/2 in.)

Qui Mai (Michael Cherney) (b. 1969)
Michael Cherney studied Chinese and East Asian history at the State University of New York at Binghamton, and studied further at the Beijing Language Institute. He is a self- taught photographer, perhaps inspired by his renowned grandfather, the award-winning photographer Charles Hoff. Michael’s formal studies of Chinese and East Asian history, combined with his rigorous personal studies of China’s religious and art historical past, have resulted in his abiding appreciation and even reverence for China’s historical evolution and its great classic tradition of painting. His relationship with China was deepened by residence in Beijing and for well over two decades of extensive travelling in China.

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