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Qian Qiu [Ch’ien Ch’iu] 錢球
(paintings dated 1795-1836)

“Landscapes” 山水圖冊

Album of 8 leaves, ink and color on paper
23.5 x 29.5 cm. (9 1/4 x 11 5/8 in.)

“Painted by Qian Qiu from Southern Dongzhou.”

Artist’s seals:
Qian Qiu yin; Shiding (“Stone Pavilion”)


(NOTE: Further information is provided below the detailed images.)



Qian Qiu (paintings dated 1795 -1836) was born in Rugao, Jiangsu province. He may have served as a low-ranking official, since one of his seals reads “Seal of Your Servitor Qiu.” However, his extant paintings bear only signatures or very short inscriptions, which is more characteristic of professional artists. Qian Qiu’s painting style was described by one collector as follows: “.,.The paintings in this album are all landscapes.. The conceptions and the brushwork are all skilled and finely worked, and he appears to have modeled them on Wen (Zhengming) and Tang (Yin). For dry brushwork in texture stokes he used ink lightly while in washes he truly captured the flavor of the ink….”

The impressionistic style of landscape painting seen here identify the season as autumn, with leaves already turned red and, in the last leaf, an old tree with almost no leaves but nearly a score of crows perched on the upper branches. These leaves seem almost like sketches, with an immediacy and direct appeal that capture an image of the artist sitting in front of a variety of scenes as he painted.


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