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Pan Simu [P’an Ssu-mu] (1756-1843?)

“Moonlight over the Cliffs of Jiao (Island)” 焦巖夜月図

Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper
170.0 x 44.5 cm. (66 7/8 x 17 1/2 in.)

“’Moonlight over the Cliffs of Jiao (Island).’
On the Yangtze River the wind and waves are calm,
within the temple on Jiao Mountain the evening bells sound;
Cooking smoke has already ceased and the lamp wicks lowered,
the mountain monks rise late to view the moon’s brightness.
Pan Simu, called Qiaolu.”

Artist’s seals:
Youlanguan yin (“Seal of the Hall of Jade Orchids”); Qiaolu (“Companion to Woodcutters”); Maosong Qingquan (“Pure Spring by Luxuriant Pines”)

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