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Pan Gongshou [P’an Kung-shou](1741-94)

“Landscape” 山水

Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper
76.8 x 27.5 cm. (30 1/4 x 10 7/8 in.)

Harada Bizan, compiler: Nihon Genzai Shina Meiga Mokuroku, Tokyo, 1938.

Colophons by Wang Wenzhi (1730-1802):
“Lianchao’s (Pan Gongshou) paintings are said to be without vulgarity, and when the subtle trees encounter autumn their transformation to reds and yellows is very elegant. This scroll measures up to this (standard), for the brushwork is elegant and the trees are elegant as well. Recorded by Wang Wenzhi.” Seal: Wenzhi zhi yin

“An isolated pavilion beside the river can be termed a secret structure,
smartweed on a bank or sandy plain from even a foot is obscure;
Mountain rain suddenly comes and drips finely through the thatch,
clouds from the valley descend and hang over the top of the bamboo.
Beneath the eaves as in an ancient rampart appear male and female swallows,
at the foot of the hedge are autumn insects and a hen with chicks;
This section of scenery resembles a small Wei or Du,
but possibly without me is just green brambles.

On a spring day during the year 1797, the second of the Jiaqing reign-era, inscribed again by Wenzhi.” Seal: Mengqiao

Colophon on mounting by Wu Dacheng (1835-1902):
“Only Lianchao did landscapes in color, following his ideas as he dotted and laid down washes, all according to the standards. Former critics discussing painting all regarded the application of color as being easy, but how could they know that the application of color washes is extremely difficult. I view this painting as being very rare, and heave a sigh as I record this to one side. Wu Dacheng, called Chuangzhai.” Seals: Chuangzhai; Wu Dacheng yin

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