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Pair of Yingqing-glazed
Porcelanous Covered Jars

Tiger urn: 55.9 cm. (22 in.)
Dragon urn: 57.8 cm. (22 3/4 in.)

Southern Song period
13th century


(NOTE: Further information is provided below the detailed images.)



As outlined and reviewed in the attached PDF writeup, such funerary jars were a standard product of Jingdezhen over several centuries. They are a result of the potter and sculptor’s art, which is brought together in vessels that reflect the current religious beliefs and fantasies in the most engaging manner. The dragon and tiger, among the earliest of creatures represented or illustrated in Chinese arts and crafts, lord over the urns, the tiger wrapped around the neck of one, the dragon coiled around the other. While those symbols are clear in our minds, we still ask ourselves who do the figures standing watch along the piecrust rims represent? Perhaps mourners gathered at the funeral but still paying respect today.


[Please download the PDF writeup below for further comparisons.]
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