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Luo Jianwu (b. 1944)

“Han Dynasty Cypress” 2001-2003

Ink on paper, framed
30.5 X 127.0 cm. (12 X 50 in.)

Luo Jianwu (b. 1944)
Luo was born in Sichuan province as the Japanese army advanced across China in 1944. In Taiwan, where the family was able to relocate, he had an opportunity to study Western styles of painting and drawing at the Guoli Yichuan, the National Art Institute. Immigrating to the USA in 1987, Luo lived and worked in New York City where even Central Park provided a window to nature essential for Luo’s painting. While regularly visiting Beijing since 1989, Luo, the one-time graphic artist and fashion designer and presently teacher, calligrapher, painter, and tea master, made that city his permanent residence in 2008. Beijing and its environs are the homes of venerable rocks and trees that continue to inspire Luo in his work. Luo’s paintings have been collected by The Chicago Art Institute, the University museums at Harvard and Princeton and many private American collectors.

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