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Luo Jianwu (b. 1944) 羅建武

‘Rock like a Cloud’ 2006-10

Hanging scroll, ink on paper
262 x 66.5 cm. (103 x 26 1/4 in.)

‘Painted by Luo Jianwu.’ ‘In the year 2006 I began painting (this).’ ‘Ssu-wei (two characters which, when combined, form the character Luo).’ ‘Baji.‘ ‘Geng’in (2010).’

Artist’s seals:
Luo Jianwu; Jianwu; Chenghuai; Lu Wu; Luo Jianwu hua; Bing-wu Qibi (‘In 2006 I took up the brush’);
Chachi (‘Crazy for Tea’)

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