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Liang Ji [Liang Chi] (18th c.) 梁基

Landscape 山水

Hanging scroll, ink & color on satin
150.0 x 37.8 cm. (59 1/16 x 14 7/8 in.)

“Years ago I strove mightily for advancement,
shouldering books and sword I travelled the blue mountains.
My official career brought only discontent,
and for ten years I never smiled.
My old village is a thousand li distant,
in silence I live among cassia trees.
Coming and going are monkeys and deer,
and my brushwood gate is usually not closed.
Enclosing my house mountains rise up,
submerged shadows float in the river current.
Taking up a brush so as to draw my feelings,
these are exhibited during this clear leisurely day.
Keeping my eye on the autumnal blossoms as they fall,
the poetic soul alone is first to return.
Liang Ji from Suzhou painted and inscribed this.”

Artist’s seal:

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