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Li Xiuyi [Li Hsiu-i] 李修易
(1811-1859 or later)

“Landscape after Zhao Mengfu” 1854

Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper
203.0 x 72.0 cm. (80 x 28 3/8 in.)

Artist’s seals: Yanguan Xiuyi zhang; Zijian Shishuhua yin


(NOTE: Further information, including box inscription, is provided below the detailed images.)

“The jade-green waves are clear and light,
and the boatman is off among the mulberries,
The time is just right to seek a poem
when everything in the boat is still;
The maple leaves have scattered
and the mountain’s reflection wastes away,
The thatched gate across the way is quiet,
the setting sun is autumn cold.

During spring of the year 1854 I decided to enlarge a work by Zhao Songxue (Zhao Mengfu) in response to an elegant request from my venerated elder brother Sou the Sixth and asked for his judgment. Written now by his younger brother Li Xiuyi, called Zijian, from Haiyen.”




Box and box inscriptions:

Box lid inscription –
Li Qianzhai – light colored – Landscape – Large scroll


Inner lid box inscription –
Li Qianzhai, his name Xiuyi, his zi Zijian, was a first-degree scholar from Haiyan.

His landscapes deeply attained the ancient methods.

He could paint the whole day, never stopping for a moment.

His art became better and better and his birds and flowers also acquired the ancient mood.

His wife, Xu Baozhuan, called Xiangwen, was good at painting beauties.

Their collaboration works were greatly admired at the time.

乙卯八月 摘墨林今話 易堂鼎 「鼎」「易堂」
In August of the Yi-Mao year, (I) wrote this excerpting from the “Molin Jinhua.” Ekidō Tei 「Tei」「Ekidō」
Elidō (1824-1916), born in Nagoya, was active as a calligrapher and poet in Osaka.



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