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Li Xubai (b. 1940) 李虚白

“Winter Landscape” 2003

Large vertical scroll, unmounted
Ink on paper
248.0 x 88.9 cm. (98 x 35 in.)

Inscription: “On a winter day during the year 2003, Xubai did this in the Cloud-harking Retreat in Canada.”

Artist’s seals: Xubai Shizhu; Minzhong Li Qi; Yipian bingxin zai yuhu

Li Xubai was born in Fuzhou, Fujian province in 1940. He lived and worked in Hong Kong and now resides in Canada where he paints in his “Cloud Harking Retreat”. Li lives a genuine literati life and considers himself a poet as much as a painter and in his own words, “introduces the emotions of poetry into my landscape paintings.” Many of his paintings are not only large in scale but, more importantly, monumental in conception. Although nature is the subject of the works, formalistic concerns—the use of repetitive abstract forms and patterns—are at the helm when Li is creating worlds magnificent and sublime. Li Xubai was included in the first contemporary group show at Kaikodo, “The Flowering Field” (Kaikodo Journal VI, October 1997), produced jointly with KY Ng of Hong Kong, where it was also viewed. Two years after that, Kaikodo mounted a one-man show for Li at the New York gallery, “Summoning the Seasons: The Art of Li Xubai” (Kaikodo Journal XIII, Autumn 1999), with several most illuminating articles on the artist and his work, one by the artist himself.

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