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. . . is for Zhu

Zhu Daoping (b. 1949), Chinese
“The Nature of Rivers and Marshes”

Framed painting, ink and color on gold-flecked paper

“’The Nature of Rivers and Marshes,’ painted by Daoping.”

Artist’s seals:
Zhu Daoping yin and one other

Zhu Daoping was born in Huangyan, Zhejiang province. He graduated in 1977 from the Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently president of the Nanjing Institute of Calligraphy and Painting and considered one of the leaders in the new Jinling or Nanjing school of painting. Kaikodo has been carrying Zhu’s work since the gallery’s first Chinese contemporary exhibition, “Flowering Field,” in October of 1997. Zhu’s signature use of pointilistic dottings and subtle coloring infuse the painting with a dream-like quality.

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