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. . . is for orioles

“Orioles and Blossoms in the Wu Garden” 1802
Wang Lin (paintings dated 1787-1819), Chinese

Fan, ink and color on paper
17.5 x 52 cm. (6 7/8 x 20 1/2 in.)

“Painted after the handscroll ‘Birds and Flowers in the Wu Garden’ by Qiu Shizhou (Qiu Ying) during the third lunar month, spring of the year 1802, by Wang Lin from Baixia (Nanjing).”

Artist’s seal:
Chunpo zhiyin

Wang Lin was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. From an early age he exhibited great talent in poetry, calligraphy and painting. After passing the civil service exam, Wang was appointed Salt-receiver for Fujian province where he helped organize a poetry and drinking society that became very well known.

This charming painting with tiny orange orioles in flight just off center recalls the delicate drawing and lyrical coloring in the works of Qiu Ying (d.1552), the artist mentioned as inspiration in the inscription here.

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