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… is for Enjoying

Gumei (early 17th century)
“Mazu and Friends Enjoying the Moon”

Hanging scroll, ink on paper
114.1 x 47.3 cm. (45 x 18 5/8 in.)

Artist’s seal: Gumei

Box inscription:
“Painting of Patriarch Ma enjoying the moon, given to the Zen master Daiden Butcho, in the 87th generation of Daitokuji, the monk Kyoshi Shuban; painted by Gumei. Recorded and owned by Torifuji Koji.”

Published: Kawai Masatomo: Yusho/Togan, Nihon Bijutsu Kaiga Zenshu, vol. 11, (Tokyo, 1978), pl. 22, p. 110.

(See colophon below)

“When Patriarch Ma was enjoying the moon he asked: ‘What ought we to do at this moment?’ Baizhang replied: ‘We should nourish our (spiritual) selves;’ Xitang said: ‘We should cultivate our morality; ‘Nanquan shook his sleeves (in disagreement) and left. Patriarch (Ma) then said: ‘The sutras can be placed in the storehouse and Chan practices returned across the sea (to India). Then there is only Puyuan (‘Universal Resolve,’ the personal name of Nanquan), there is only Puyuan.’ Kyuoshi (‘Old Man in Retirement’).”

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