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Chen Yuanxi (Ch’en Yuan-hsi) 陳元熹
(1st half 19th century)

“Landscapes” 1851

Pair of hanging scrolls, ink on silk
Each 102.5 x 30.7 cm. (40 3/8 x 12 1/8 in.)

Artist’s seals:
Cangzhu mingshan quanzhi qiren (“Having collected all the famous mountains, I transmit them to people”); Huaxia wo (“Sleeping beneath flowers”); Jieyou shi (“Bordered by rocks”)


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(right-hand scroll)
“For ten years I have not been to Stone City (Nanjing),
Yangzi (Jetty) and Mount Zhong can only be recalled as I do now;
How can we find again the house of Boxiu,
and, on facing couches in wind and rain, live long in happiness?

During the fourth lunar month of the first year of the Xianfeng Creign-era (1851), painted and
inscribed by Chen Yizhou.”

(left-hand scroll)
“For long seized by a will to travel the seas,
by chance I met one with a heart for crossing streams;
Circling the square pool in a single skiff,
fragrantly the autumn waters deepen.

By a rainy window with nothing to do, I chanced upon the translator, Master Tao Yuanyang, who brought this (material) and requested paintings. I thus did these small scenes to make him smile as I aim for correctness. From Mount Tang in Zhejiang province, a descendant on my mother’s side of Zhongguan, Chen Yizhou.”Zhongguan, Chen Yizhou.”


Right-hand scroll with mounting


RIght-hand scroll detail


RIght-hand scroll detail


Left-hand scroll with mounting


Left-hand scroll detail


Left-hand scroll detail

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