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Ch’ao Yao-ming (15th century) 巢堯明

‘Ink Bamboo’

Hanging scroll, ink on paper
128 x 32.2 cm. (50 3/8 x 12 3/1 in.)

‘Rain washes an abundance of worldly dust,
bubbling up the kingfisher green does not flow away; In a grass hut I long for the sixth month,
and the cool freshness of one day of autumn.

(I) painted and inscribed this.’

Artist’s seals:
Ch’ao Shih Yao-ming (‘Master Ch’ao Yao-ming’); Huai Kang-tzu (‘Longing for the Hill)

‘Rain intrudes upon the blue-green jade with pearls of water that flow;
Truly as if with the Lady of Hsiang River like dragon flies drifting freely.
A guest with back to the flames sits facing me;
This lord will accompany us
until the entire hall is autumnal.

Yen-liang from Yang-ku inscribed this poem.’ Seals: Wen-yen Chai (‘Studio of the Literary Inkstone’);
T’ung-chiang Chun-i; Yang-ku San-jen (‘The Untramelled Man from Yang-ku’)

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