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Chang Keng (1685-1760) 張庚


Album of 9 leaves, ink on paper
21 x 14.2 cm. (8 1/4 x 5 5/8 in.)

‘I once passed by Liu’s place for tea and saw, on the table, a blank album in which I spontaneously painted water, rocks, bamboo, and trees, some in accord with my conceptions, others not, and when my inspiration ended, I stopped. On a later day I saw it again, but on counting them, there were only nine leaves, so the album had been divided by Liu. I inscribe this here to regret the loss. Chang Keng, called Mi-chia Chu-shih.’

Artist’s seals:
Chiang-tung pu-i, Mi-chia chu-shih; and two others

Collector’s seal: One, illegible

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