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Annamese Underglaze-Blue Decorated

Stoneware Water Vessel


Height: 7.4 cm. (2 7/8 in.) 高 7.4 厘米
Diameter: 7.1 cm. (2 3/4 in.) 徑 7.1 厘米

Later Lê dynasty 後黎朝
15th-16th century A.D. 公元 15•16 世紀

Acquired in Japan

The small underglaze-blue Vietnamese jar would have been considered a bit of exotica if acquired by a Chinese or Japanese scholar. The underglaze-cobalt painting technique practiced in Vietnam or Annam had been learned from the Chinese by the 15th century but the pigment was applied to a local stoneware clay and covered with a bubble-suffused glaze that resulted in ceramics of great warmth and softness of effect in comparison to the porcelains of China. The style of painting is also done with a bit of spontaneity, ease and economy. Among commonly seen motifs on these wares is the delightful bird called called chich choe.

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