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A Rare Yingqing Cong-form Vase

Height: 16.5 cm. (6 1/2 in.)
Width at base: 5.7 cm. (2 1/4 in.)

Early Yuan dynasty
Late 13th-early 14th century


(NOTE: Further information is provided below the detailed images.)


(Side A)

(Side B)

(Side c)

(Side D)




This small vessel is a most intriguing piece and showcases the inventiveness of potters at Jingdezhen striving to remain relevant and competitive in the booming ceramic trade of 13th-century China. In this relatively small piece, where dragons slither almost undetectably up the sides, the ancient cong jade shape served as the model for the basic shape. The Longquan celadon kilns in Zhejiang took up the form with enthusiasm as a model for vases that were popular at home and in Japan. Interestingly, we often see large Longquan celadon vessels, such as the so-called baluster vases, supported in wooden stands, and the image of such a stand is incorporated here suggesting a support for the vessel. Please see the PDF for more on this engaging ceramic.


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