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A Rare Feng – Character Form Kosometsuke Inkstone
青花(古染付) [風] 字形 瓷硯

Length: 18.0 cm. (7 1/8 in.)
Width: 13.7 cm. (5 3/8 in.)
Height: 4.0 cm. (1 1/2 in.)

Zitan cover

Late Ming dynasty
Early 17th century

Inscription on wooden box lid:
“Pure beauty ceramic inkstone in the shape of the
character feng (‘wind’).”

Inscription on the interior of the box lid:
清華瓷風字硯銘 二水
“Its color is pure and gorgeous.
Its body is fine and regular;
(Under a) bright window, (on a) clean desk,
(It is) as pleasing as a fresh breeze. Nisui”

Seal: illegible.


(For more information, download the PDF located below the “detail” images.)

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