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A 13th-century Triptych:

Hanging scrolls, ink on silk

“Water-moon Guanyin” 水月観音図
(center scroll)
Atrributed to Zhang Yuehu [Chang Yueh-hu]
(13th c.) 伝張月壺

“Ducks and Reeds” 雅草図
(pair of sides scrolls)
Atrributed to Huichong [Hui-ch’ung]
(965?-1017) 伝惠崇

Labels and attributions:
Kanō Yasunobu (1613-1685) and
Kanō Tsunenobu (1636-1713)

Certificates of authenticity:
Kanō Isen’in (1775-1828) and
Kanō Shosen’in (1823-1880)

Recent provenance:
Tamura Collection, Osaka

Tamura-ke Zōhin Tenkan Zuroku, Osaka, 1936.

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